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cyberpunk david jacket review

I’m already in love with this jacket. Its nicely built and looks exactly same as its looks in images. The quality is just awesome and fits me great. Thank you.

5 stars

Very well made and and perfectly fits my body. Love this.

Adorable Trunks jacket

This Trunks jacket is a wonderful piece. It's not only perfect for your fangirl enthusiasm but also for your regular wear. The quality is terrific and feels so comfortable. On top of that it looks overly stylish and fashionable to wear. Thank you.

I liked it

I liked this jacket, but I wished they had more colors in this jacket. However, the overall quality is very good and fits me great. It also feels soft on the inner side. But I would also love to have this quality jacket in some more colors like greyish metallic.

Great quality jacket

If you’re a leather jacket person you can recognise the quality and everything about it. This one is definitely a perfect one for me. The quality is excellent and feels so soft on the inner side. The shearling quality is also very nice and feels warm. Plus it looks extra stylish on wearing. I already wore it a several times and received compliments. It fits me great as its right according to my size. The seller was helpful and kept me posted throughout the process.

Perfect for winter

This jacket came out excellent except the shearling color. Its not purely white as it seems but not too bad either. However, the leather quality is so good and durable. I’m sure its going to last longer as I’m a leather jacket person and I know how to keep them safe. It also fits me well and is nicely stitched. It keeps me warm in the evenings, even during these transitional days when it rains often. So it's a big yes from my side if you don’t bother with the shearling color like me. I really liked my order.

Obsessed with it

This jacket has become my obsession. The leather looks fantastic inside out. The metallic details are also good quality. I’m always concerned about the sizes I order I normally order between small and medium. For this one, I was a bit confused, so I went with my gut and chose medium. It came out perfect in a way that I can layer in a hoodie or some sweater, even in the winter. However, I assume if I chose the small, I would be restricted to not using it in the winter. But I’m happy I went with the medium. It looks good with almost all my outfits. Thank you

Amazing quality

I love this jacket. It came a bit late tho, but it was worth waiting for. The quality of the material is excellent and fits me like a glove. Soft on inside and looks sleek on wearing. Perfect for me. "

Cyberpunk jacket

I’ve tried a few sellers for David’s articles, but this shop has nailed it I must say. The jacket is outstanding and looks similar to the one David wore. It looks very neat and is perfect for my size.

Best ben 10 jacket ever

Once a ben 10 fan is always a ben 10 fan. You guys did a great job. The jacket is super soft and keeps me warm. The leather quality is excellent. Thank you. I love it.

Best cosplay jacket

This RK 900 jacket is exactly the same as the one Connor wears. Its neatly stitched and perfect for my cosplay. I was a bit worried while placing my order but they delivered what the’ve shown. Thank you so much.

Finely made jacket

The jacket is finely stitched and looks so neat. The jacket is very functional, soft and slightly warm inside and I can wear it everywhere even in the normal climate. For this quality jacket I’m ready to pay more so it was a good experience buying from them and totally worth it.

Looks aesthetic

The jackets looks awesome and I’m already in love with this one. The seller stayed in touch throughout the making of this jacket because I ordered the custom size which they were very concerned about and made sure all the requirements are finely addressed. I’m glad to buy it from them.

Just as described.

The jacket arrived on time and looks exactly like they’ve shown in the images. The quality is superb and fits me perfect. I recommend this jacket for all the VI lovers.

Just buy it.

I’m 5’4 and skinny and usually wear small sizes but most of the time the sellers are unable to make even the right standard size that should fit me like a glove. I must say this shop’s owner is really putting up value in the form of customer service. The seller was very helpful and reassured the size needs and literally feels perfect to me. The quality is incredible and worth paying for. I’m in love with this. So if you’re still confused about whether you should buy it or not, trust me and go for it.

Better than expected

I’m a leather jacket lover and always consider one with some light embroidery. This belongs to a famous AOT show but it’s worth buying if you also love having jackets a little funky. I prefer size up to get room underneath because I mostly layer up over a hoodie plus, my arms are a little heavy so I went with L since my hoodie size is usually M. The overall jacket is way better than I was expecting. I’m ready to pay a high price when it’s about good quality real leather jackets. I found it very reasonable and better than the price they’re charging. I love this already and probably reconsider this shop.

My favorite jacket

It's a high quality material, great sizing and completely worth the price. Its also comfortable and has a good warmth in it. Already worn it for many days since its arrival. Thanks.

Best jacket of sol Badguy

Best jacket of sol Badguy ever. It’s perfect for my size and physique. Looks great. Thank you it’s worth the price.

This Notis Lucis jacket

This Notis Lucis jacket is like a dream come true. I got a suggestion from the reddit and I’m so happy to buy this jacket from this store. The seller took all the minor detailing and made it fit me like a glove. The quality is excellent and is perfect for my Noctis Lucis cosplay, thank you for making it perfect.

Best Biker Jacket from the FFVII

This Aerith’s jacket is the best biker jacket and is perfect for me and I’m in love with this because of the quality and the neat stitching. It came a bit late but was worth waiting for. It’s also for making her looks, but I’ll use it for styling.

A very unique and perfect bomber jacket

This one’s a unique jacket I must say. Basically, what makes it unique is it’s color. This unique color spread on leather makes it very different from the rest of the jackets in my closet. It fits me perfectly because of the size I chose with the help of the seller. The zipper, leather, and the stitching, everything is perfect. I would recommend it for sure.

I love it

This Spark’s jacket came out perfect. The quality is very good and it fits me like a glove. It’s accurate to cosplay Spark and I know I’m going to rock my Spark cosplay with pikachu. Thanks to this shop.

Same as advertised

This jacket and the shop is highly recommended from my side. This jackets turned out to be fantastic because of literally everything. The quality of leather is superb and the details are neatly stitched. The seller reached out to me for the confirmation of sizing and we found out that there were a little modifications required. Overall it was a great purchase and I’ll buy again from this store

Perfect for cosplay and styling

I’m so concerned about what I choose to wear for my cosplay. I usually don’t opt for the real costumes and not a big freak either. I always keep it minimal and adopt the one that is practical for me. This MHA jacket is like perfect for my taste. It’s a nice leather jacket with a Tiny touch of the character which is again perfectly cool for me. I can definitely wear this one other than my cosplay. However it’s constructed with an excellent quality material which is super comfortable on wearing. In love with this wonderful jacket

The best version of Sora’s jacket

Out of all the versions of Sora’s jackets, I loved this one the most. And the best thing about getting this jacket is that it comes in the best ever looks from this shop. They did a great job. Can’t be grateful enough. Everything in this jacket, from the leather to the stitching, looks so great. It helps you do a very good cosplay and you end up getting a lot of compliments. I’m highly satisfied with this jacket.