Terms and Conditions

Fanzilla Jackets is the name that identifies the broad collection of outfits that falls in the category of latest fashion streamline and admired by the recently out styles and patterns. This website is operated by the relevant people of Fanzilla Jackets, in terms of our, us and we. This page contains the complete information that help you discover the website its services, policies, availability and products.

By visiting our website or purchasing you will become a part of our services and hence these Terms of Services will be applicable on all the users including the browsers, customers, vendors and content contributors.

While you are making a purchase make sure you come across the terms and conditions. Read them carefully. The latest tools or feature added will be updated here, so keep glancing on what’s new and what’s going to make your shopping experience more pleasing.

General Conducts

Information Suitability

The information on the website most of the might not be updated, however we are not responsible if the information is not accurate. It is advised on to completely rely upon the given data example the material, size, shipping criteria etc. Before taking any decision take the primary consultation from the support team for relevant, timely and accurate information.

Some of the information on the website is only provided for your reference, it most of the time not modified in terms of the content. Agreeing with this condition is significant for the customers

Price, Service and Product Modifications

The price of the products on our site is imperiled to modify without any prior notice. Fanzilla Jackets preserve the right to change the product material, price and services at any time of the year or month. We are not accountable to any third-party or the customer for changing the price or service.

Customer Information

The information you share with us will be used for up till the item delivered to you. Your email address, and good name will be listed in our records to make you aware of the new arrivals, latest deals and packages.

Moreover, while you are making a purchase with us you are in the safe hands as we know the sensitivity of anyone’s personal data, however we never share it with our vendors, third-parties or any other customer for money.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

You are reviewing the latest version of our terms and conditions. These terms and conditions might not be accurate the next time you open it. We have the right to make changes and modify our services which means this may be or may be not modified however, it is suggested to the customer to have consultation and confirmation from the customer service in order to avoid future hit-or-miss situations.

Service Standards

Global Shipping Via Leading Courier Services

We believe in broadening the online existence of our services. There by, we are providing global shipping services. The price of each item will remain same however, the custom and duties will be bearable by the customer. There are countries where we do not ship due to the governing laws and custom issues for example Russia and Israel.

Our Products

The products we offer are made up of genuine quality of material. We deal with the real leather material however for the people who are obsessed with leather but cannot afford it can order the item in faux/PU leather as well (depending on the availability). Moreover, we have premium quality wool, parachute, nylon, cotton, suede leather, corduroy etc.

The price are competitive, when you order a product at Fanzilla Jacket you will surely get amazed with its quality and accuracy.

Payment Options

Here you will come across multiple payment options that are made available for your feasibility. You can order via Discover Card, American Express, PayPal, MasterCard and Visa Card. These mediums will surely make your purchasing easier, yes you are at the right place!

Return and Exchange

The return and exchange criteria is straight forward leaving no confusions in your mind. When you are facing the order form make sure the details you are entering is accurate having no flaws and jams. Cross-check you are ordering the accurate size you require, exact color and completely satisfied with the product.

If there is any size or color issue happens from your side the company will never be liable for the return and exchange, meanwhile if any mishap takes place from company’s side we will surely proceed the return and exchange facility. For more details visit our Return and Exchange Policy page.

Security Measures for Confidential Information

We consider the sensitivity of the confidential information of our valued customers, however to keep it secure we have integrated the SSL technology in our database which stands for ‘Secure Sockets Layer’. It protect the information from scams and keep the data accessible for only relevant purposes and people. Fanzilla Jackets giving you the satisfaction of mind by keeping its services reliable and secure.