10 Most Desired Leather Jacket Styles

10 Most Desired Leather Jacket Styles

Runways, street styles, or late night parties – wherever you look at, Genuine Leather Jackets make an appearance in great numbers. No one is backing down from styling their outfits with chic leather top layers from bloggers to off-duty models. Once you get the right leather piece, hustling for more becomes useless!

Minimalist Jacket 

Starting with the basic biker jacket with zero additional embellishments and a smooth look is a win for all occasions. It is the amalgam of classic features into the modern style snug jacket. Pairing this jacket is an easy job – from flared pants to tight leather leggings, everything looks exquisite with it. 

The sleek look also goes with flared skirts or mini-skirts if you want to opt-out of the traditional bossy look. Chelsea boots with pants and knee-high boots with skirts are the preferred pairing for this piece of clothing! 

Aviator Jacket 

Aviator jackets were first designed for fighter pilots; therefore, they have a second name – flight jackets. If there is a timeless piece in both men's and women's wardrobe, it is this iconic top layer. From withstanding decades of changing fashion to surviving the rules of fast fashion, this authentic and chic leather jacket has had more variation than any other. 

With a shearling collar, no one can stop this garment from being the most powerful piece. Your colder wardrobe will be sorted for a good period if you have sturdy aviator outerwear in one of the standard shades. 

Blue Faux Leather Jacket 

Every trend report says the same thing – ditch the stereotypes. An electric blue leather top layer, heels, and statement jewelry should be on your list! The holiday season's festivities will begin in a couple of weeks; before that, get all the eye-catching pieces for a stellar look throughout the season. Blue gives an edge to your outfit, making you stand out from the masses with ease. 

Nothing lures women more than a sleek look full of comfort. For your winter shopping spree, bag the most iconic pieces. Without a little change, there is no fun in dressing up!

Fringed Leather Jacket 

Neutrals with solid black are to die for. A beige colored mini skirt with a classic black fringed leather topper and thigh-high boots – that's all you need for a sassy look. For a fall-appropriate style, switch to brown tones and denim jeans. Brown boots, dark fringes, and a tight-knit beanie will do the job for you. Fashion enthusiasts love this relaxed, casual style since it is super easy to assemble. Dialing down on the glamour often gives a laid back and jaw-dropping style. 

Classic Leather Vest 

Another slick top layer for a beige blouse, heels, and a black statement bag. If this sounds like going to work, switch to a plain white sweatshirt and tight jeans with trainers. This relaxed outfit is for those days when going out is a must and taking out too many things feels like a burden. 

Effortlessly chic, the leather vest is a classic winter piece. For an appropriate college look, go with a simple brown-hued shirt, skinny leather or denim pants, tote bag, and Chelsea boots. A necklace would take things to the glam side, and who doesn't want it?

Lightweight Café Racer

Any outfit containing a café racer jacket should let it be the centerpiece. One of the oldest variations of leather jackets, café racer, comes in different shades now. But the best pairing is still with a simple white tee or turtle neck. The white inner layers help enhance the look of the chic jacket. Once you get your hands on this treasure, parting ways become impossible. 

Brown Suede Jacket

Western trend is forever, yes! A refined brown suede jacket is your perfect pair for vintage flared pants or corduroy bottoms. Accessories include everything Western – from a wide-brimmed hat to a pair of cowgirl boots, brown hues were made for the Western looks. Boho chic jewelry pieces and beaded bracelets work best when you need a boost in your minimalist power look. Other than that, a signature hat and solid knee-high boots are enough to turn heads around!

Safari Jacket 

Leather made safari jacket is a tad bit different than the usual pieces. Giving the same chic persona, it is also cinched at the waist for a hot look. For an authentic experience, take out your rowdiest boots to match with this sleek topper. Dark brown is most preferred, but black looks equally ravishing on a cold winter night. 

One of the reasons this Real Leather Jacket stands out more is that it is highly functional. All the obsolete items have one thing in common; they are not appropriate for daily functioning. All around the world, fashion that supports high functioning is winning!

Vintage Leather Blazer 

Investing in a timeless leather blazer is probably the wisest decision you will make this year. Any apparel that does not stop giving perks is a must-have. From a formal work atmosphere to casual dates, a leather blazer can be styled in thousands of ways. Flared pants, ripped denim jeans, white denim bottoms, and leather pants, all types of bottoms work with this versatile top layer. For inner layers, turtle necks, graphic tees, or even a plain V-neck does the job. It is a pretty hassle-free outfit if you are in a rush. 

Varsity Jacket

Save the tried and tested silhouettes for casual outings. Minimal efforts and void of any experimentation, leather varsity jacket is a familiar beauty. For many young women, this jacket has worked even in informal settings. When one knows how to play with styles, making a varsity part of semi-formal seems easy. Autumn fashion especially calls for homey vibes, and this piece is all things comfortable!

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