2020 Goals: Taking Inspiration from Christmas Movies

2020 Goals: Taking Inspiration from Christmas Movies

Here are some fun ways of collecting the right inspirations for the upcoming season of mistletoes, hot chocolates, and fairy lights! Getting in the Christmas mood never felt this amazing; all these movies are perfectly wholesome and heartwarming to make you ready for the coziest festivities around the world. Keep scrolling; these are truly gems! 

A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish

A musical romance, this movie is all about cute meetups and greeting each other with adoration. An aspiring singer takes a rough path when her stepmother enters into her life. A new take on the old and classic tale of Cinderella, this movie has lots of Christmas Jacket Outfits in store. 

Office Christmas Party

Impressing a client takes on a new take when an office Christmas party goes wild. Go on this adventure with the star-studded cast as they showcase their high-end outfits fit for Christmas Eve and celebrate the season of love, friendship, and lots of presents! 

Christmas at the Palace 

Christmas and ice skating, perfect combo! The movie stars a former professional ice skater who starts a new journey as an instructor when a father hires her to teach his daughter the same magic. Sparks fly from both sides as they indulge more in each other’s lives. 


Now considered a class? Elf is a comedy film but with solid ground realities. Buddy is raised by elves and knows nothing about his kind. When he leaves Santa’s workshop and finds similar people, he questions if any of the two places are safe for him. His search for his biological father will yield many more answers no one had intended to ask at first! 

Northern Lights of Christmas 

A feel-good film of Christmas and romance, this movie has a beautiful protagonist. Zoey, portrayed by Ashley Williams, is a sweetheart! From the trailer, you can see that this movie has more than a handful of inspirations for the Christmas celebration as a whole. Watch this visual treat before planning for this year’s party. 


The Knight before Christmas 

A meet-cute? If that is possible between two eras, then yes. A knight in shining armor but for no damsel in distress. High school science teacher by profession, Brooke is an extraordinary woman with a strong head on her shoulders. Knight is smitten by her but then transported back to his realm; what happens next? 

A Bad Moms Christmas 

Stressed out and depressed, these moms feel highly underappreciated for their efforts. Amy, Kiki, and Carla’s rebellion give a visual treat to the fans of rom-coms where they all indulge in self-loving activities. When things go wrong, their rebellion is the only way to turn them around; watch this exciting movie for a full account of what disasters and miracles occur in their world. 

Last Christmas 

When young Katie started working as an elf, she did not anticipate things would go this bad. Now stuck in her situation, she is not left with many options. The movie is full of emotional drama but with occasional bursts of laughter as well. Stick along if you want some iconic Christmas Jackets inspiration from the queen of fashion herself!

Christmas in Homestead 

A movie about a movie being shot during the Christmas season! Homestead is obsessed with Christmas (just like you!) and cannot wait for this exciting turn of events. Watch how a twisted yet funny tale of romance sprouts and leaves you feeling giddy and good for the rest of the season! 

Love Actually 

A romantic comedy in all senses Love Actually is a compilation of nine different stories centering on Christmas. Watch this beautiful take on how other relationships deal with different complexities at the time of the most beautiful season of the year! Since there are nine different stories, there is a long list of inspirations lying in plain sight in this compilation. 

The Christmas Chronicles 

Teddy Pierce and Kate plan to abduct Santa; what happens when teams are changed, and priorities are shifted. How do they save the important day and learn their lessons? A wholesome family movie, it is a must-watch for more than one reason! 

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