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6 Fascinating Facts About Izuku Midoriya

6 Fascinating Facts About Izuku Midoriya

The adventures of a young boy born with some supernatural powers, Izuku Midoriya, is keeping all of us thrilled for years. His dream of becoming a superhero with the support of his 'Quirks' makes him an adorable and passionate role model for all the youngsters. His green hair makes him stand out from all other characters, and that's why nowadays, we see so many green head people at costume parties.

The Izuku Midoriya Costume has become a popular trend in the fashion world, and who can blame him; he deserves the hype. If you call yourself the biggest My Hero Academia, we are sure that these interesting facts about the main protagonist will make your jaw drop. So, have a look at them;

Deku Was Planned To Be A Grown-up:

The illustration of Deku clearly shows that he was initially supposed to be a grown-up. This means that the whole framework of My Hero Academia was a reconsideration. It is so surprising as the entire plot revolving around the school seems so well-put. Well, kudos to Horikoshi for portraying Deku as a school-going kid as he thought that the story would be more fascinating than the real one written in the manga. Moreover, the adult Deku in the manga had cringy emo hair too!

Deku Made A lot Of Efforts To Cover His Quirk:

Deku never wanted to reveal his Quirk in front of anyone. When it became almost impossible to hide them from his closest friends, he then uncovered them. Despite being the wielder of One-For-All, he just wrote superpowers instead of mentioning any particular name when he was admitting himself into the school. He wanted to remain undercover, which made him a lot more suspicious.

6 Fascinating Facts About Izuku Midoriya

The Origins Behind His Nicknames:

You will be surprised to know that he used to be called Deku as an insult for having no quirk. Bakugo was the person who started calling Izuku as Deku to equate him to a puppet made of wood. He meant to say that Deku has nothing special to defend himself. Instead, he can easily be beaten off by anyone. Later, Ochako Uraraka convinced him that the origin of this nickname is not an insult, but it reminds him of 'Dekiru,' meaning 'to have the capability of doing.' That was the moment when Izuku embraced his nickname and wore it with pride.

Even His Real Name is Full of Interesting Meanings:

In the anime world, the common methodology is to name the characters about their particular traits and too in a trolling way. Although no one looks at the details and translations behind the name, Izuku Midoriya's name is obvious. Like his signature color green, his name has contexts of 'Valley' and 'Green' into it. Izu means 'a person's chance to move forward', which combines and shows his real passion; to conquer the world!

He Always Stayed Second in Everything:

Deku was an average or maybe below than an average student. He was shown not being outstanding in school and was often given very low scores. There are almost five elements of his superpowers; Quirk, yet to be shown to the fans. He was never placed on the top spot in anything and anywhere, excluding his fourth position in the grade. Fans' theory suggests that there is a meaning or reason behind this. Just like how he kept his quirks hidden in the documents, it was obvious that he didn't want to become the center of attention of everyone.

Deku Shares The Same Birthdate As Ichigo Kurosaki:

Ichigo is the main protagonist of a popular Shonen manga with the name Bleach. He resembles Deku so much as both of these characters were initially having no special powers or quirks, in the case of Izuku. They both were ordinary school-going kids desiring to inspire the world one day. By the time, Izuku became the hero he always wanted to be after possessing quirks. Both these characters have the same days of birth! Well, we can't call it an accident, though; there are a lot of dates in the world, Horikoshi, come-on.

My Hero Academia has given us so many adventures to enjoy, and yes, the best alternative to imitate at the costume parties — the mesmerizing Izuku Midoriya Costume. Well, it has become the fact that no one can not love the green-headed adorable character from the anime world!

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