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Action And Fashion, How Do They Relate?

Action And Fashion, How Do They Relate?

In the years Hollywood created new genres, one genre remained constant and flourished non-stop. This genre is known to give iconic adrenaline rushes, jump scares (even though there is nothing horror happening on the screens), bouts of extreme thrill, and whatnot. Action-adventure – the genre no one seems to get enough of is most wonderfully expressed in the Fast & Furious media franchise. 

The franchise is known for the Fast Saga that consists of eight films already released and one upcoming gem. F9, aka Fast & Furious 9, was all set to release in 2020, but the pandemic happened, and like everything else, fans had to wait a little longer for this jackpot too. Fast And Furious Jacket are now a complete collection (as expected after almost 9 films) and has influenced fashion quite often. 

From the main cast to the crew, everyone has put in immense labor to create the Saga as it is now. One of the longest movie series in Hollywood, Fast & Furious, has changed the meaning of actions. Nowadays, the action is not just merely fighting; it is everything involving how you dress up, your aggressive persona, snide remarks, and the way you fight your opponents without involving any arms. 

There is a spin-off film from the Saga that has done remarkably just like the others. The fandom of the Fast & Furious franchise will not slow down until they get to glimpse the upcoming action-packed movie. Another reason why Fast Saga has actively influenced fashion is that the cast is phenomenal. There is no single person in the main cast who has a separate fan following as huge as the Saga’s. 

Vin Diesel, Charlize Theron, Nathalie Emmanuel, Michelle Rodriguez, Chris Bridges, Sung Kang, Helen Mirren, Jordana Brewster, and John Cena (now in F9) – all have done a great job at bringing their characters to life. Dominic Toretto and Letty Ortiz, his wife, will be seen doing some fast pacing scenes they are quite famous for. Both the actors have made a reputation for their stunts during the films. 

Action And Fashion, How Do They Relate?

Since the release of the first film in the franchise, the Fast Saga has become a phenomenal source for inspiration. From dapper outfits to chic dresses, everything is laid out in plain sight in the movies. As the creators released films one after another, the hype and craze only increased. Now, there are women and men who cosplay characters from the Saga during cosplay conventions separately. 

On May 28, 2021, fans will finally have the full-length film to enjoy thoroughly. Expectations are quite high for the upcoming movie because of the reputation of the series. Since the star-studded cast will be returning in full glory in the ninth film, the latest glimpse of the mesmerizing Vin Diesel Jacket is proof that many gems are going to be unveiled. 

The development of the F9 took place almost a year ago in 2019, between June and November. The epic trailer was released on January 31, 2020, and revealed some enticing information about the movie. Tej, Dom, Letty, and Roman all will be creating magic, but another star, Jordana Brewster, is coming back for this film as well. She did not appear in the last installment of the series but will be making a significant appearance in F9. Any news about the potential return of Brian, Mia’s husband, and Dom’s best friend are not confirmed yet. One actor who will be missed sourly is Dwayne Johnson! 

There are many high hopes for the new kickass character of John Cena, who will be portraying Dom’s brother Jakob (previously unknown to the fans). By far, Han’s appearance has induced most of the discussion about the movie as he had been killed in the post-credits of Fast & Furious 6. 

Among other factors, the emotional return of the character has diverted all eyes on the big show. From reunions to goodbyes, everything in the Fast Saga is enhanced by the brilliant acting skills of the cast. It’s about time they get credited for their iconic fashion choices as well! 

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