Attack On Titan Cosplay Jacket And The Backers Who Wore It

Attack On Titan Cosplay Jacket And The Backers Who Wore It

The hand-drawn anime and manga were once there but were limited to certain parts of the world. However, now that the times have changed in this digital era, the high-definition graphics and animations have taken the world by storm. Besides, there are a lot of other touchstones that are considerable and make any anime worth watching and remembering forever. Having said that, don’t forget to count on the clothing the highly skilled illustrators come up with. The Attack On Titan Cosplay Jacket is one of those bodacious outfits from the one-in-a-million shows. Humans express their intelligence and geniuses through different mediums. Manga is one of the most creative ways to express the taste of non-fiction, given that it has no limits. 

Many anime adaptations from the manga come now and then. Yet, not all of them can stay forever. However, a few of them come to last forever by conquering the Western world. Attack on Titan anime show was first aired in 2013, taking an adaptation from the Manga between 2009 and 2021. It has the same popularity for its dystopian future, just like its manga, which has become one of the bestselling manga. The stories of freedom, friendship, resilience, and survival have given us experiences we will never forget. Let’s not forget the effort of creators who brought this to us the way we love it.

The animations and color scheme are chosen because they are more than just a visual component. The colors tell the story the way it needs to be, and everything is just rightly placed in it. Here’s a little sneak peek at the plot of this iconic anime series.

The Plot

The anime show Attack on Titan is an adaptation of the famous manga by Hajime Isayama. This animated series is full of action, blood, and the most beautiful story of friendship that has enthralled the whole world. The plot of this famous nonfiction series is about cities surrounded by three enormous walls that protect humans from giant humanoid creatures. These creatures live behind the walls and are on their way to removing their existence. It won’t be wrong to say that humanity is on the brink of extinction due to these giant titans. 

A lot of people have lost their family members and loved ones to these giants who came in contact with them in any way. The main protagonist of this show, Eren Yeager, is a teenage guy with unyielding determination to kill each one of the Titans who brutally killed his mother in front of his eyes. He’s now on his way to learning the psyche of these titans and studying about them as much as he can to know them better. He even joined the military group called Survey Corps, also sometimes referred to as the Scout Regiment. This military group is actively involved in direct Titan threats and combat. However, the series takes some unexpected turns, and we see how Eren Yeager turns into a titan that brings another hardest and never-ending challenge for all the humans and his friends.  

Scout Regiment

The Scout Regiment, also known as the Survey Corps, is an extremely dangerous military group. Each group member possesses different qualities that make them responsible for different tasks. However, the common goal among the same is securing their cities from the Titans by fighting with the Titans on the front line. The members of this group wear the same uniform, the Attack On Titan Cosplay Jacket. The jacket has its own monumental significance that displays a lot of things at once. The unity in this group is unmatchable despite the personal differences they always keep aside while being professional. This group has the most vital members who know and are always ready to fight the threats, even at the cost of their own lives.

The profound characters’ arcs have the same popularity as the protagonist, Eren. Given that each of them has played their part, The pride of the individual soldiers in this group is very high and unbeatable. The trust between leaders and subordinates is powerful, just as is their belief in each other. Together, they make a very dangerous and united team. Here are a few notable former members of this regiment who lost a lot to bring peace and a Titan-free life to their people.

Eren Yeager 

Eren Yeager is the main protagonist, who later becomes a villain and the most dangerous giant titan in the world. He was one of the former squad members who had high determination to fight for humanity’s freedom. Eren wished to do everything possible to save humanity, even at the cost of his own life. He was a hardheaded, strong-willed, passionate, and impulsive bow with the nerves of steel who could face anything life would throw at him. Furthermore, he wore this Attack On Titan Cosplay Jacket when he was a squad member of the Survey Corps.

However, the unexpected switch in his personality from a friend who’s careless and impulsive to a man-eating titan gives us some unpleasant and painful experiences. He turned into a Titan by the serum injected by his father. He later ate his own father to gain the Titan's power. 

Levi Ackerman

Another former member wore this Attack On Titan Cosplay Levi jacket, also known as the Survey Corps uniform. He was the most decisive squad captain and had stunning leadership qualities. In fact, he’s widely known as humanity's strongest soldier. Even Miikasa believed in his leadership despite her personal grudges against him. Mikasa Ackerman and Levi share their last name, as they belong to the same bloodline. Although he’s a clan freak, blunt, and sometimes rude, he cares most about his subordinates’ welfare. 

That’s what makes them unique. Despite being anyone with a lot of human traits, they have this in their blood to own and protect each other.

Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa Ackerman is a former officer in the Survey Corps who also wore this Attack On Titan Cosplay Jacket. It wouldn’t be wrong to call her the deuteragonist of this show. She is the last descendant of the Shogun clan and lived with Eren Yeager. Eren rescued her after the Bandits murdered her parents. She has a strong will and determination and knows that once you need power against something or someone, you must prepare yourself for the battles ahead. She is always ready the strongest Survey Corps member, and a true asset to the team. Although a peaceful girl who wishes to live peacefully, you never know what life might throw at you. So, she became the best soldier in the 104th Cadet Corps.

Symbolize Yourself 

The characters’ costumes now have a lot to do with all the patrons. Available in the Low Cost Cosplay Attack On Titan, it will help you assimilate the costumes of your favorite characters. On the other hand, besides curating the exact look, you may wear this jacket to relate yourself to the positive traits that each member of the group holds. Resilience, freedom, and love are the common goals of the whole survey corps. The far-sighted patrons who love to hang out and socialize with like-minded people have got the best treat in front of this jacket. We understand that cosplaying is not for everyone. Yet you can always opt for touchstones of your favorite shows and characters and different forms to express yourself.

Cosplay It

On the other hand, if you're a cosplayer, the Attack An Titan Cosplay Costume Jacket will always come in handy. If you’ve got a friend squad and love to cosplay together, that’s even better. As friends who cosplay together, we live forever. The Survey Corps cosplay will be the most fun and entertaining thing if you do it with your friends. Besides, cosplaying also has some more profound meaning and is a perfect form of self-expression. Draping this jacket is a league on its own. On the grounds of this, you’ll never fail. So navigate it and see which jacket suits you the best. We have three versions of AOT-inspired jackets. Explore them right away and place your order soon to get a whopping off on prices. 

Let it Transcend Forever

Let this anime series transcend to your generation, too. Having this Attack On Titan Costume in your possession is like a treat for all the AOT lovers. Navigate our store to give an inspired AOT jacket a new home in your closet.

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