Attack On Titan: What's Changing In Season 4?

Attack On Titan: What's Changing In Season 4?

Anime is winning – this one truth is now non-negotiable. The hand-drawn Japanese animations that were once watched in limited parts of the world are taking the globe by storm. Attack on Titans is a brilliant piece of Anime, which has made a name in the world of cosplay convention with its iconic characters. 

Attack On Titan Cosplays is currently based on the Manga series adaptation. A total of three seasons are out now, and the wait for the fourth one is becoming more difficult by every passing day. Since the pandemic halted many well underway productions, this new update has all the fans craving some new content. 

Now that the show is giving updates, more questions are coming to the horizon. What will be the cast, who will disappear, and what new costumes will be showcased in the second season? To answer all these questions, keeping you up at night, keep scrolling! 

When is Season 4 Coming Out?

Attack on Titan is one of the most widely watched anime series in the current times. Hence the anticipation and craze for its costumes are just in every means. The action-adventure genre has seen some terrific productions, but this one stands out for its unique costumes. 

The tentative date for the premiere of the fourth as well as the final season of the anime series is announced on the Twitter account of Attack on Titan to be sometime in December 2020. This ecstatic news met enthusiasm and new-found craze among the viewers dying to get their hands on merchandise of the Anime. 

Although it was originally being brought to the screens in October 2020 when the production was happening in May 2020, the drastic circumstances forced everyone to push the premiere date sometime in December. 

Attack On Titan: What's Changing In Season 4?

What to expect this season?

There is no doubt that the actions and visuals of the Anime are outstanding. The exceptional work of the crew has done well for the Manga series. As the popularity of the series automatically means that the public will take more interest in Manga now, the series has brought more traction to these characters.

Without such compelling visuals, it would have been hard to keep the viewers hooked to all three seasons. The plot of all three seasons has been immaculate and interesting. None of the critics wrote any negative comments about the plot, and the viewers have similar opinions. Since the fourth season is going to conclude the series, it is going to be a thrilling ride with lots of exciting scenes.

To say that the whole series is known to give its fans adrenaline rushes wouldn't be a stretch. The excitement of a fight, attack, and revenge among the members of the cast is too intense not to get affected. The storyline covers the human-eating giants called Titans, but the upcoming episodes will reveal the hideous secrets behind the creation of such sinister beings! 

Is the Cast List Out?

Since most of the sources are still favoring that the last season will be aired in the same manner as the third one, there are still some rumors saying that it might face hindrances coming to typical forums. This season will continue from story of the third season, giving fans exactly what they want. 

Now that the trailer is out, there are no qualms about the budding excitement of the viewers. The trailer looks like the cast will be more or less the same as it was in the previous three seasons, including Yui Ishikawa as Mikasa, Yuki Kaji as Eren, Hiroshi Kamiya as Levi, Nozomi Kishimoto as Dina Fritz, and Ackerman Daisuke Ono as Erwin Smith. 

There will be many others in the series to take inspiration from, but these five names stand out the most. Attack On Titan Jacket is a great way of adding some much-needed color to your cosplay collections! In the upcoming comic cons, flaunt the admiration for the series you have been waiting for almost a year! 

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