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Christmas 2020: Have a Memorable Office Party!

Christmas 2020: Have a Memorable Office Party!

Take out your Christmas Jackets because it’s time to par-tay! Christmas is the most cheerful time of the year; you get invited to so many parties. Going to parties is easy, but the problem strikes when you have to throw a party. Being the party planner is daunting as hell, as you got so many people expecting you to be at your best. Christmas is not the only way when the party planning committee has to work, it must throw many parties during the whole year, but Christmas is when they have most of the pressure on them. Not only do they have to keep this party traditional, but every year they have to come up with something new and innovative. Your colleagues would never like the same party every year, so here is the list of parties that you can throw each year with keeping the Christmas spark alive.


Make the slogan of bringing your ugly sweater and arrange the party in a very different way. Do you know the nasty red Christmas sweaters with Santa’s picture with a wool beard and silver stitching of reindeers is the most important tradition related to Christmas? Those sweaters and also the ugly flamboyant sweaters that your grandma gifts you every year, and you throw them into the deepest corners of your wardrobe. Well, tug them out, and this Christmas, embrace the ugliness!

Everyone will love this idea of wearing ugly sweaters at the party. They’ll finally get the chance to utilize their ugly sweaters. To make this more interesting, put a cute little reward on the most beastly and horrid sweater. This party will not take your extra time, and it’ll also give you the chance to save money as you won’t have to buy extra accessories.


Olympics may come after two years, but that doesn’t mean that the fun should stop. Arrange an Office Olympics in your office with the theme of Christmas! It won’t be as grand as the real Olympics, but the fun you will have won’t be lesser than it. So, make arrangements for some amazing games like interoffice cycling, arcade games, food gymnastics, skit contests themed on Christmas carols, skeeball, and whatever your heart says.

Let’s revive the Olympics spirit in all of us by enjoying fun games at several corners of your office, including your secret sharing room too! This version of the Olympics will become a trend in your office for next Christmas!


There should be no chance of boring vibes in your office at the start of December. The fun should never stop, and the best theme which will never put a full-stop on it is the favorite year party! All you have to do is pick a certain decade like the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s, and do everything according to it. From the outfits of the guests to the food prepared, and even the music should be according to that decade.

It will be so fun to see your cocky boss dressed up as Elvis Presley! So, if you are choosing the 90s, then include the gunge fashion, strange music, shiny CDs, and the sarcasm of Chandler Bing in your party. Rachel’s medium-length hair, and Phoebe’s chokers, all were the icons of fashion at that time. Amp up the speakers with some loud music from Spice Girls and Mariah Carey for an accurate atmosphere.

You can do almost the same with every decade, but the 2000s are the trickiest of them all. If you have a majority of young blood in your office, then include cowboy outfits, bootcut trousers, and yes — the iconic Nokia cellphones — to your outfits. The famous music icons have some famous names like Justin Timberlake, 50 Cent, and the exploding rap music of Eminem. Put on the loudest ones because you don’t want anyone to sleep instead of dancing!


In the TV series, you either live or die, but if it’s a Game of Thrones Office Party, everyone gets the chance to live to the fullest. GOT has made millions of fans, and you surely have some in your workplace as well, right? So, throw a party themed on the TV series. The first and foremost step is to make four partitions in your office; one will be Stark, the other Lannister, the third Baratheon, and the last one Targaryen. Ask every to dress up in the Christmas Jacket Outfits inspired by the characters with the additional and the most necessary accessory — the Santa cap!

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