Capsule Corp Jacket- A Tribute To Akira Toriyama

Capsule Corp Jacket- A Tribute To Akira Toriyama

The Dragon Ball franchise has given a lot to its patrons. By Dragon Ball, we also mean Akira Toriyama. Yes, Akira Toriyama, who recently died, deserves a lot of recognition and acknowledgment. Although he dies at 68, there's no way the fans will forget him for decades. The creator of Dragon Ball, Toriyama, has played a crucial role in making our childhood worth remembering. We, Fanzilla Jackets, wish to pay the best tribute to Mr. Akira Toiyama, the most creative manga artist, by providing one of his masterpieces. We made this Capsule Corp Jacket of incredible quality for all the fans who loved him and his art. He was also a character designer besides a manga artist, and his skills have always been evident in Dragon Ball through all the inducing characters it has, including Goku, Trunks Vegeta etc. 

He founded the Dragon Ball franchise in 1984, which was serialized and published in the weekly magazine Shonen Jump. The manga took the anime form in 1986 and is still on top of everything. Moreover, the new installment of Dragon Ball DAIMA is scheduled in the fall of 2024. We have a few jackets we made after taking inspiration from the artwork of Akira Toriyama. The jacket Future Trunks wore in Dragon Ball Z convinced us to make an inspired version of it. The jacket is available in premium quality genuine leather, and the features are way too aesthetic. No matter if you're a cosplayer or not, you can always shape up this jacket and exhibit your individuality. Here are some uses of this jacket that will help you understand how to utilize it. 

Pay Tribute To The Creator with a Trunks Jacket

It's been a few days since the death of Akira Toriyama, who definitely will be one of the most remembered artists. Without a doubt, the Capsule Corp Jacket is his creation. If you've always been a fan of the Dragon Ball franchise and haven't bought the Dragon Ball merchandise yet, now is the time to do so. We made an imitated version of the Capsule Corp Future Trunks Jacket, and the patrons love it. This time, use it to acknowledge Toriyama's efforts and drape this jacket everywhere. It's never too late to recognize someone and their efforts, and when it comes to your favorite anime show's creator, ensure you do it. Moreover, the jacket's functionality will let you assimilate a lot of looks besides just wearing it for tribute purposes. 

No matter if you're a man or a woman, this Trunks jacket will help you concede your favorite character. 

Cosplay it

We can not forget that the creators who gave birth to this anime and gaming world also get massive credit from the cosplaying world. Though it was initiated in 1939, it wasn't really common until the 1990s. The cosplayers started coming by that time, and now they've taken over the massive industry of character costumes. At the same time, the character's costumes, which consist of jackets, have better functionality. The manufacturers have started making inspired versions of these jackets, and the good quality ones have flourished among fanatics. This capsule corp jacket is one of those jackets that offer cosplay opportunities and styling opportunities. 

The jacket is quite sleek and practical for even basic styling. If you decide to cosplay it, you won't have to hustle much, just some basic layers if you have a sturdy physique. If not, then you may have to get an extra layer of front armor to make yourself look like that. 

Be on The Wing with It

Once you're done cosplaying it, now it's time to utilize this jacket and be on the wing every day, everywhere. Use it to sway your love for your favorite character, Trunks, on the streets, and wear it to make some fashionable and classy looks. Simply grab your pair of denim and go on with the white tanks as your underneath layer, and you're good to go. Moreover, you can also utilize this jacket with a pair of cargos. We have this jacket available in both men's and women's sizes. Grab it for yourself or whoever you wish for. Here are the answers to some basic questions that you might be curious to know. 


Why is Akira Toriyama popular?

Akira Toriyama created the Dragon Ball franchise in 1984. He is said to have been directly inspired by the role-playing games we played at the time. He gained popularity when he drew the Dragon Ball Manga right after his famous manga, Dr. Slump. He also took inspiration from the Chinese classic magazine in the 16th century. 

Who owns Dragon Ball now?

Toyotaro is another famous Japanese manga artist who drew several Dragon Ball series as a continuation of the series created by Akira Toriyama. Out of many artists, Toriyama found Toyotaro's work closest to his work and decided to get it continued by him. However, the Capsule Corp Jacket was created by Akira Toriyama.

What awards did Toriyama win?

He won multiple awards, and France's Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters is one of them. 

Why do you need this Trunks jacket? 

The reason you should have this Dragon Ball Z Trunks jacket in your closet is because of its functionality. While making this jacket, we prioritized functionality and versatility and ensured it fits all body sizes. It's available in both men's and women's sizes, and even if you don't fit in any of the standards, you may check out the custom size option and provide all the necessary details to get a jacket that fits you like a glove. It will help you create multiple looks and keep you a little warm inside because of the excellent quality leather and viscose blend.


We bid farewell to the creator of the Dragon Ball Series, which is loved by the generations past and will be loved by the generations to come. Akira Toriyama created many things and gave something inspiring to call him forever. Besides, the Capsule Corp Jacket also came into reality because of him. So it's time to say goodbye to him and welcome everything he has given in his life. 

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