Fall in Love with the Snake-Patched Southside Serpent's Jacket

Fall in Love with the Snake-Patched Southside Serpent's Jacket

When sticking with fashion becomes an obligation and maintaining a hot appearance becomes a thing to be considered every other day, one's mind centers around updating the closet like an unsatisfied beast craving a change. 

This habitual behavior often makes us want to visit apparel stores and grab the latest. While the winter season makes us invest in the thick layers, it gets hard to keep the eyes closed seeing a breathtaking real leather jacket trending everywhere.

Especially when things get out of control and winter seems to be punishing innocent souls, the need for a real leather jacket sounds to be the only option left in the closet for total protection and a strikingly hot appearance differentiating you from all the good and bad guys out there. 

Packed up with creativity supported by a dark theme, the Handmade Mens Serpents Jacket is a tribute to the legendary group of Southside Serpents appearing in the Riverdale television series. 

Serving as an updated version of the signature style outer layer associated with the violent gang based at the Southside of Riverdale, the clearly better piece has outclassed its predecessor in every single aspect ranging from the features to the overall pattern. 

There can't be a better fashion item than a black jacket to reveal the evilness or represent the darker side of one's personality which has, kind of, become a tradition to be followed. 

A close-up review of the Handmade Serpents Patch Leather Jacket is enough to know every bit about the glorifying layer featuring a number of specs with different stories of their origin. 

For instance, the angled zipper represents the decades-old style linked to the invention of the first-ever motorcycle jacket whereas the spikes covering shoulders draws one's attention towards the sinfulness and violent nature of the wearer. 

Unlike the signature style layer rocked by the Serpents in Riverdale, this exceptionally thick layer is gifted with the snake patch with no text featuring the name of the group of teenagers. 

These amendments to the overall style of the black layer have been backed up with the intention to bring an admirable change to the trend associated with the Serpents while enabling their fans to come up with a new excuse to popularize the group.

Couldn't wait anymore to find out what recommendations are there in the fashion locker for you?  Just follow through the following lines and share them with the friends you know are in deep love with the Serpents.

All for the Men's Style 

Get aboard the ship of fashion by incorporating the black layer into your casual wardrobes and enjoy an edge over your competitors like an undefeated winner. If you want to be treated as a VIP by anyone you come across, simply take the following approaches and observe the men and women in your surroundings complimenting you again and again. 

Like A Moto Racer 

If you are an unstoppable force while accelerating your bike on freeways and highways, you definitely need to ensure your clothing style represents your true attitude and portrays you to be baddest guy in the town.  

This could be done by sporting the Black Motorcycle Serpents Jacket with a baggy v-neck shirt with gold-framed black sunglasses hanging from the neck, white sneakers suiting with ripped black pants and a bunch of rings occupying fingers of both hands. Not only that but the addition of a red scarf wrapped over the mouth and nose would be astonishing. 

White + Black 

There is nothing as good as combining white cropped pants with black loafers, a narrow grey sleeveless shirt for extra air to travel through the body and the newly designed Mens Black Leather Jacket inspired by Serpents. Let's admit the fact, white and black merged together to create the best contrast of all. 

So, instead of picking up blue or red, you know you will do better with white pants that too cropped enough to make your loafers visible. 

The Sporty Look 

If the sporty look is all you have been craving for getting maroon fleece fabric shorts featuring stripes, low ankle black sneakers, a striped tee-shirt with a rounded neck and the Serpents jacket would provide you with enough confidence to boost up your superiority.

This look is often associated with the highly fashionable men who don't give the damn heck to the standards set by the super popular fashionistas. Instead, rebelling against these traditions become the utmost priority of these individuals seeking nobody's attention. 

The Women's Style Guide 

While there might be dozens of outerwear options in your closet, the Womens Leather Jacket with Serpents Patch is preferably the best one due to its enhanced features and ability to turn you into a real bad girl fashionista in the eyes of the world.  

Diva's Choice

With a button-down tee shirt partnered with a denim skirt and the Women Serpents Snake Jacket, there is no better way to leave an unforgettable impression upon those who often underestimate you from time to time. 

Dealing with these losers by bringing a massive change to your clothing style is a great way to keep them away from unnecessarily pointing their fingers towards you. Put on black pumps with any colored sports cap and pair of transparent sunglasses to complete the look supported by the above-mentioned elements. 

The Look Like No Other 

You know you are the hottest girl when a pair of high-top converse, a mini tee-shirt, and chunky jeans form a perfect combination while touching your body with the black layer sitting fairly on your shoulders. 

In order to set a higher standard of yours, look for leather boots instead of the converse and add as many jewelry items to the look as you can. 

For The Hottest Appearance 

If you are also one of the rebels who take no interest in following the majority, you are all set to qualify for having the hottest appearance. It's because a trendsetter is never supposed to be the follower of the pathetic traditions formed by the majority. 

Don't mind creating a combo of a long sleeve shirt featuring a numeric with black jeans rocked with cowboy style boots and the perfectly tailored Serpents outerwear like a fashionista with no regret of bypassing the mainstream fashion rules for better or worse.

In a fair and unbiased comparison, the Southside Serpents jacket is clearly the better option than its predecessor to reveal the wickedness within and promote the bad boy or bad girl style. 

Tip: Since color matching is a crucial part of building a casual outfit, make sure to wear suitable colors to match the overall theme instead of wearing anything you come across while scanning your closet.

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