Goku or Gohan — Who Will Win a Combat?

Goku or Gohan — Who Will Win a Combat?

Is it morally correct to fight your father? Well, anything can happen in the world with a boy with a monkey tail and spiked hair that turns yellow when he shows his power. Yes, we are talking about the most famous anime manga series franchise — Dragon Ball Z. This show is not famous for its Dragon Ball Z Jackets. Still, it also gives you so many awestruck and breathtaking moments like big combats, friendships, loyalties, betrayals, and even the relationship between parents and kids. 

This wholesome show will also give you some little disturbing moments like the combat between the two mightiest heroes of the show; Goku and Gohan, the ultimate father and son duo. Though, they have huge differences in their respective personalities. For instance, Gohan disappointed fans a little by sucking up later in the show, well, well, Goku never did that. Or did he? Goku always fulfills our expectations, he makes mistakes sometimes, but they aren’t equal to sucking up. 

Goku was born a fighter, and even after becoming a Saiyan, he worked hard to win and defeated many big fighters, like Whis, Beerus, and many more. Goku has the best fighting techniques that no other Saiyan possesses. He is the protagonist of the show for some very obvious reasons, including his combat skills. Goku never let anyone control him; maybe the main reason behind this is that he was never a human being, so he was gifted with so many other qualities. 

On the other hand, Gohan was more into his books and high school life (Goku never went to school)! Gohan was all about a geeky nerd in keikogi with books in his hands, and he never worked as hard as his father did. He never wanted to pursue his life as a Saiyan. All he wanted was a small happy family with his love of life; he became a good husband, unlike his father, who devoted his whole life to becoming the reign and superior fighter. 

Goku or Gohan — Who Will Win a Combat?

The answer to who will win combat is GOKU! No matter how hard Gohan will try, he can’t defeat Goku, but that doesn’t mean he was too weak. Gohan has his own set of skills, which even Goku can’t possess. For example, Gohan has defeated the ultimate evil superpower; Cell. It was never so easy to defeat Cell. As he has been one of the greatest villains of the Dragon Ball Z franchise, even Goku couldn’t handle him, but Gohan single-handedly defeated him, giving Dragon Ball Z fans a moment to crush him.

He supported his family; no matter how life turned, he was always there for his son. Unlike Goku, he spends most of the time with his family (he has a wife and a son in the name of a family). He taught his son all the skills; this made Gohan someone we all loved because he just supported his family is rare; we don’t get to see such moments in series like this. Also, he never let his family get in the way of his fighting skill.

Though he was never as enthusiastic as Goku, he slowly discovered himself as a fighter. He even defeated Freiza without having any Saiyan transformation. He created havoc on earth until Goku destroyed his petty self and took it all from him. Gohan even knew the art of redemption better than his father. He befriended his number one enemy, Piccolo. His friendship with him was the most important thing for the plot of this series, and Gohan being the strong guy with a sensitive heart, ended up making him his acquaintance. 

All these good things about Gohan helped him in shaping him as a perfect human being and a Saiyan; however, defeating Goku is still out of the list. Goku is not a family man; he never was. All his life’s mission was to save earth from any invasions of different species; that’s what made him so beloved and the strongest fighter. So it doesn’t matter whether Goku will win or Gohan is going to defeat him; one thing that is never getting down is the audience’s love for this show and Dragon Ball Z Jacket.


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