Fashion is one genre that has always stood the test of time. No matter what age it is, fashion has been one of the top concerns of all who love the art of living. It was more than expected that when Arcane Vi hit the big screens, everyone would be looking for the chic outfits featured in this series. The animated series Arcane is an extension of the well-known online battle arena game called League of Legends. The gaming series has alot of characters with engaging, soulful backstories and killer fighting styles. The game caught fame like fire to gasoline!

The animated series features the Arcane sister's Jinx and Vi. The battles that they fought were well defined by the attention to detail that the designers paid to their costumes. The Arcane Vi Jacket is an absolute show stopper. The jacket is the perfect reflection of Vi's don't know, don't care attitude. She trusts her instincts and is a quick thinker. Her whole appearance is a grunge rock punk-themed one. The hair and the piercings, along with this jacket, are a match for eternity. But here are some top leather-based options for bottoms that will pair fittingly with the genuine sheepskin leather of the Arcane Vi jacket!

  • Beige Recycled Leather 90s Pinch Waist


The time of all leather ensembles is nigh! But the chances are that leather pants might make you think about the classic skinny black leather pant. It would go well too with the jacket. But the regal aura that a cream beige colored loose fit 90s pinch waist leather pant would create would be a sight for sore eyes. We recommend you go for the recycled version of it. The leather is super shiny and gives off a latex appearance almost.

Bonus tip: Wear the jacket and these pants with a minimal-looking tank top, and finish it off with a pair of nude stiletto heels. An attire like this is only ever complete if you leave your hair in loose waves falling over your shoulders. Statement earrings would add alot of depth to this get-up.

  • Black NYC Faux Leather Jogger

Many women think that wearing an all-leather ensemble will make them feel a little restricted. That is why faux leather sweat pants exist! These are super comfortable for days when you want to run errands. The black of the pants does not take the eye away from the red details on the jacket. It's the perfect girl next door look!

Bonus tip. Faux leather jogger pants are scrunched at the hem with an elastic. The best way to wear these is with a pair of white socks and white low-top sneakers. Tie your hair in a high pony to exude effortlessly stylish vibes. The best accessory to weak with this is a smartwatch or a wristwatch. Anything that shows you know how valuable your time is for you!

  • Brown Leather Flare Pant

When you work hard all through the week, you definitely need an off. Don't spend the day sitting at home catching up on sleep, rather throw on the Vi jacket and leather flare pants and hit the clubs. Experiencing nightlife is essential for today's youth. And you have to do it in style. A flare leather pant in a deep brown color will add alot of dimension to your appearance. The ensemble would look best when you go for a minimal-looking black lace top on the inside of the jacket.

Bonus tip. Flare leather ants are usually those that end above the ankles. So if you have been holding on to that pair of high strappy heels that only fit with skirts, you can wear them with these pants as well. Do not forget to alot of metal jewelry. We advise you to pick a theme. Either golden or silver metallics would look better, but not both!

Fashion liberation!

Gone are the taboo days of women liking video games and action series in secret. Express your appreciation for the art however you see fit. The Arcane Vi jacket is one that can be worn in many walks of life and still manage to make you look killer on a cosplay. This is one investment that will stay loyal to you. Much like Vi, we recommend you rely on your natural instincts of style too! Perfect imperfection is the new definition of fashion!

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