Maverick's Top Gun Leather Jacket to Revive the Old Style

Maverick's Top Gun Leather Jacket to Revive the Old Style

Portrayed by the one and only Tom Cruise, Maverick's appearance as one of the most talented U.S fighter jet pilots in Top Gun gave a new life to the military-inspired jackets which first started serving the needs of the Americans and western Europeans in the late 60s.

After retiring from the military service, these U.S airmen inspired jackets became a trend to be followed for all the decades until today. The Top Gun Leather Jacket received such a huge appreciation from the fashion-minded audience that soon it became a part of the worldwide movement of the military-inspired fashion allowing it to invade the list of the winter essentials.

Despite years have passed and trends have appeared and disappeared, Maverick's signature style layer can still be seen as part of various trends. Although nothing much has been added to its specifications list over the years, the already added features have been enough to transform it into a piece hot enough to be rocked with the casual accessories to revive the old style.

What's Cool About the Decades-Old Jacket?

This Black Leather Jacket with Aircraft Patches is one of the very few most popular ones associated with the U.S military airmen's inspired outerwear which is enough big reason for the national forces fans to try it.

Featuring at least a dozen patches from back to the front outer surface, the jacket tends to promote the superiority of the U.S Navy's might. While a few patches represent the U.S aircraft carriers the other ones represent the official logos of the U.S military institutions responsible for defending American interest through the use of force.

The trendsetting jacket also offers a warm enough furred collar with a pair of quality ribbed cuffs and hemline designed in accordance with the overall pattern. Since it is made of real leather material and featuring a shiny exterior, a winter-hater is unlikely to let it go at all.

The Style Guide

While there are millions of ways to don a flight leather jacket for a great look, only the trendiest ones have been listed below! So go nowhere else and check out these to update your style.

Staying on the Top

A leather jacket in the hands of a man who doesn't care it enough is no less than a disaster of one of the historical fashion accessories. While you put on a leather layer to provide yourself with an extra layer of protection against the challenging cold breeze with harmful side effects, make sure to put on the chunky accessories to have a hard look like an air-combatant.

No, this doesn't really mean you have to don camouflage trousers or the military-inspired boots. Instead, all you have to do is give a chance to the least used accessories like a full sleeves cotton shirt featuring camel shade with navy blue pants and the dark black boots.

With a kind of seriousness on your face and hard expressions on your eyes, get yourself ready to walk up the streets of your town to reveal your classy taste upon the admirers and critics.

Go For The Best

When styling the Top Gun Handcrafted Jacket for Men, think about using the best accessories kept in your closet for a compromise policy over your looks. In other words, only your favorites should be added to the casual outfit for a strikingly hot look.

Maverick's Top Gun Leather Jacket to Revive the Old Style

If your fashion sense isn't limited to the use of untrendy items with no worth, you are recommended to get your hands on the thick cropped leather pants, shinning white sneakers, and a rainbow print tee shirt to wear beneath Maverick's old but gold standard jacket.

It doesn't really matter what do you put on as long as you ensure to mix the matching colors well for an unbeatable combination. Thus, instead of relying on replacing the accessories, you can stick with the same ones while only changing their colors for extended hotness.

An Irresistible Style

Thinking of the best combo to leave an everlasting impression upon the unimpressed souls? You better get the ripped knee skinny jeans mixed with a mustard-colored hooded layer supported by the Mens Flight Black Leather Jacket for a hot fashion recipe.

Additionally, a get navy blue polo shirt with white trousers rolled up a bit and a pair of perfectly designed red sunglasses. An ageless leather jacket styled with suitable items increases one's handsomeness and makes him look like an updated fashionista.

Whenever you start building a casual outfit featuring a real leather jacket, be sure, it doesn't lack the latest features and accessories required to maintain a non-traditional look.

While the fashionistas have already been fed up with the traditional looks, you can start experimenting with the fashion elements to invent a new style that not only will give you a new identity but will also allow you to be tagged as the hottest man in the town.

The Black and White Combo

Achieving any particular look is no harder than filling up your closet with the latest fashion elements. By and large, most of the fashionistas keep on running after only the latest while neglecting the already-existing accessories to maintain their reputation as the style masters.

A timeless piece like a white embroidered turtleneck rocked with the same colored sneakers and black jeans works very well for a style enough good to deserve appreciation from the fashion experts. For a sexier look, make sure to grab a small lightweight bag to carry on your shoulders.

If your fashion policy allows the use of earrings, add a couple of them to get the bad boy look with black sunglasses covering your eyes.

Tip: Fashion legends say nothing other than the white-colored inner layers look good on the brown jackets which is why you should make sure to add as many white tees and v-neck shirts or full sleeves inner layers to your wardrobe as you can to maintain the much-needed contrast.

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