The Classic 8 Ball Leather Jacket Is Back Bang Upto Date

The Classic 8 Ball Leather Jacket Is Back Bang Upto Date

Classical fashion has been around for quite a while, and fashion has taken a manifold. Time and again, new fashion techs are introduced, and sometimes, old fashion comes in new forms. The 8 Ball Leather Jacket is also one of those. Over the course of time, it has been seen that people love those classic fashion trends and don’t regret buying those clothes and making style statements using them. However, it’s not true in every article’s case, but some of them nail it. The three decades old jacket is back into fashion and is ready to unfurl the new fashion ways for all the patrons. However, it’s not wrong to say that it has been here for quite a while and never went away, as Elaine Doofus’s boyfriend wore it in Seinfeld. It has refused to die peacefully even to this date.

The jacket has a history that not everyone’s aware of. Sometimes, your fate helps you the way no one else does. That lucky charm is not in everyone’s fate but in the fate of a few. Micheal Hoban was one of them. However, we can never forget his efforts in the field from 1960 that he had put in. Yet the San Francisco designer didn’t get famous until he visited the bowling field and developed this iconic signature design. The jacket then became the real reason for his, and that never died after that. 

History and Origin

San Francisco–based designer Michael Hoban founded the North Beach Leather in the late 1960s. This store has become a place for all the leather lovers. He had star clientele, and the most lasting design he contributed was his 8-all designs, which also became a part of Seinfeld's wardrobe. Initially, he designed a leather jacket with a numeric stamp on shoulders and sleeves and later perfected it with the 8-ball stamp. He also created some sister designs and associated them to dice and cards. Despite that, the ambitious young adults were inclined towards the 8 Ball Leather Jacket he sold for $775. 

The 8-ball design represents the last standing ball in the 8-ball pool game. It further represents the one who never gives up, given the whole match depends on this single ball that if it falls in the hole, you lose. On the other hand, if you throw that ball in the hole in the last, you win. It has to be there until the end. That was one of the main reasons the enthusiastic adults, who were also the winners, gravitated towards this jacket. 

Our Inspiration

Our Inspiration

Our inspirations are from different domains like Manga, Anime and Video Games. On the other hand, some signature outfits have become our source of motivation, and we’re absolutely in love with those. Our 8-ball inspiration convinced our craftsmen to come up with the right design, and undoubtedly, they made it with the right intentions and ingredients using their expert skills. The David Puddy 8 Ball Jacket comes in genuine leather with an inner viscose lining and some illuminating features that make it hard to ignore. 

The 8-ball numeric is on the back of the jacket and on the sleeve as well. The ribbed cuffs and the hemline also come in gold metallic color. It has also become the right option for black leather jacket lovers. The hooded collars make this jacket fall in the category of pure casual wear. However, the jackets have the capacity to interfuse with several styling methods. Our designers came up with this inspired design, and we made it in both men’s and women’s sizes. 

Men's 8 Ball Jacket

The men’s version of this jacket features the same characteristics we mentioned above. The cutting-edge stature of Men's 8 Ball Jacket lies between nostalgia and streetwise appeal. If you’re a swashbuckler, this jacket is the best solution. It will allow you to curate a lot of styling methodologies. Once you give this jacket a home in your closet, nothing can stop you from imagining the combos you'll create in your head. We mentioned a few styling options here to give you a headstart.

Ways to Pave 

The jacket will allow you to pave alot of fashion ways if you add the right layers to it. If you're a fan, there’s always an option to accessorize a bit. The David Puddy 8 Ball Jacket will let you be the standalone among everyone. 

  • One way to utilize this jacket is in an oversized option. If you belong to Gen Zs, you definitely link with the taste. However, anyone can incorporate the look to have the oomph of contemporary fashion with the iconic touch. 
  • Another street style you can curate using this jacket is the black T-shirt with graphics and the light grey denim. Accessorize with a crossbody bag and a P-cap to give it a touch of punk. 
  • Wear a sophisticated look with a black outfit if you wish to have a sophisticated look. A pair of black denim and a plain black T-shirt are the perfect articles to slay with your looks. However, if it gets freezing, switch it with the sweatshirt and add a beanie cap.

Furthermore, you can always be more creative with what you drape. This particular jacket comes with a lot of versatility, and being timeless apparel, it will never fail you. This specific factor in this jacket is above everything and will let you be the one who slays all day. 

Women’s 8 Ball Jacket

At the same time, despite belonging to the men’s closet, we made a women’s version of this jacket that became one of the favorites of many lounge lizards. Many inspired versions are available on the market from many other manufacturers. We went the extra mile to make this 8 Ball Leather Jacket relevant for all the bold girls. No doubt, we always go one step ahead for all the girls and make things possible. Having said that, we restored a great vitality in this slicker that will let you come up with multiple facets.

Ways to Pave 

Unlike men, women can always be more creative in their clothing if they’re rational enough. It may not work for you if you’re always sitting in front of your closet, confused about what to wear, and end up ordering a new one for yourself. The 8 Ball Leather Jacket will save you from that. 

  • One way to rock this jacket is with your pencil dress. A dark hue will work best; you can choose a monochrome look to blend perfectly. The jacket will dominate in the best possible way due to its highlighting features. 
  • Another way to incorporate this jacket is in a casual way. Grab an oversized version of this jacket and rock on your retro yet hip-hop look. Drape it over the small-size cropped T-shirt with a high-waist wide-leg denim, and be the perfect fashionista in your circle.
  • On the other hand, you can create formal looks using this bomber-style jacket. Layer it over the tank top and black straight-cut denim, and leave your hair open on your shoulders. Accessorise with lightweight metallic jewelry, and you’re ready to leave for your workplace or even for your formal meeting with a new client. 

There are several more ways to utilize this jacket, given the ageless and timeless factor again. So use it and make it possible with your creativity.

Unfurl the Future with Classic Fashion

The 8-ball jacket has a dynamic role in the fashion world for both men and women. The iconic cachet with pure nostalgia will always leave everyone stunned around you. No doubt, the jacket is never going to get old due to its contemporary aura. It will transcend through generations, and they will witness its phenomenal being forever. 

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