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Throw Edward Elric Coat And Exhibit His Energies

Throw Edward Elric Coat And Exhibit His Energies

Edward Elric is one of the bravest characters that relate to many lives. It's relatable to everyone who faces life's brutal realities. When you experience a lot of trauma at such a young age, you become immune to it with time. That was one of the reasons why Ed was the way he was. Furthermore, not only did the experiences make him rough, but he also got ranks at the age of only 12. The bravest and apparently selfish Edward Elric wasn't really selfish from the inside. However, when it comes to his rules, he never compromised. He often dealt with vulnerable people harshly. Not because he was foul-mouthed and cynical but because he doesn't want people to live in the delusional world.

Well, this can be expected from a person who lost his right hand and left leg at a young age. Past decades of anime have brought some real-time lessons that we can't abandon. And Fullmetal Alchemist is one of them. It's an undying fact that there are a lot of characteristics that combine to bring up the character of Edward Elric. Before moving towards more of his highlighted characteristics, let's find out what's more in our access to be like him in the real world. Edward Elric Coat is the pretext to move towards all of them. 

Ed's Trench Coat

Ed's Trench Coat

Bringing the most resilient character into real life is one of our childhood dreams that we can relate to through cosplaying. Meanwhile, taking part in this in any way is the ultimate goal of our store. Here's this Fullmetal Alchemist Cosplay Leather Trench Coat that we introduced by taking inspiration from the Fullmetal Alchemist. Although he wore different costumes over the course of time, this one is his main costume. The coat drops down below his knees. As he's always trying to look taller, the long coat is one of the solutions for short heights. 

The Edward Elric Cosplay Leather Coat is here on our virtual shelves, and it actually draws the electrifying energies that make it a perfect outfit to cosplay. Moreover, now is the time to slack your enthusiasm for the character close to your heart. On the other hand, cosplaying Ed is one of the fun ways to do it. At the same time, this cosplay is quite easy. It lets you eliminate the conventional cosplay conundrums. If you plan on doing this cosplay this year, it will be the most entertaining one. The coat has a separate level of energy that will make everything relevant.

His overall outfit, including an edward elric coat, helps him display his strong aura, besides his abilities. Any character's outfit is also one of the characteristics of their overall persona. Likewise, the Anime Series Fullmetal Alchemist Trench Coat is in a maroon color. The color displays passion, depth and force, just like the personality of Edward Elric himself. On the other hand it displays a tinge of spirituality, which is a bit contrasting with the personality of Ed. He pretends to be like an atheist who also believes in the existence of God and blames him for his vulnerability. However, when it comes to wisdom, there's no denying he had it.


His trainer taught him the need to train his body before he trained his spirit. Given that he has to go through the regular workouts for his body. Although he had a short stature, he made his build that makes him look extraordinarily strong and combatant. Not that he looks, but he actually is. And we see that when he has to face his enemy, he can throw people much more extensive than himself. His overall physique helped him in fueling up his naturally high energy levels. 

Although he has an artificial arm, he is able to cater to all his weaknesses and come up with his extraordinary self. He always wore gloves to cover his arms under his edward elric coat.


Alchemy is Edward's biggest skill when he can turn himself into a humanoid philosopher's stone. While he's in this form, he can destroy Pride's philosopher's stone and then return to his normal state. It's essentially the science into which you transform one thing with a certain mass into another by chemical equivalent exchange reactions. Moreover, what makes Edward unique is his ability to perform it without a transmutation circle. By simply bringing his palms together, he can exhibit the powers of alchemy. Even he was unaware of his ability for a long time until he discovered it accidentally. He could even transform his automail arm into a Gatling gun. 

If you're already convinced to cosplay after discovering a few of his abilities that admire you to a great extent, we appreciate and recommend this edward elric coat to you. Coaplsying is the proper form of self-expression again, and it would be the best opportunity for you to do it. Moreover, if you've already witnessed some cosplayers, you must know how much they are happy to curate their cosplay look. 



We can already witness his adaptable personality by knowing he learned things after watching them only once. In many situations, he adapted various alchemy styles of other alchemists and incorporated them into his styles. This is one of the best attributes that makes him unique from the rest.

So, if you have something that relates you to this character, now is the best time to honor this character and come up with his cosplay idea. Shop Edward Elric Cosplay Trench Coat at the best marked-down prices and be the one to slay all day of the main event. 

Winding Up

Finishing up this blog by suggesting the best anime of its time that came back in 2003. There's no denying that it's the best watch for all anime lovers and no doubt many of you must've watched it already. So give this anime a rewatch and shop his coat from Fanzilla Jacket to recall him. 

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