Anime TV Series Dragon Ball Z: Origin and The Adventures of Goku

Anime TV Series Dragon Ball Z: Origin and The Adventures of Goku

Toei Animation’s master project, Dragon Ball Z has given birth to a great number of meta-human characters along with the anime maniacs who have been loving to watch the show with an interest level reaching the sky-high limits.

As far as Dragon Ball Z is concerned, these anime maniacs are hard to be controlled as the demand for one of the best anime series keeps on pushing through the limits.

Primarily speaking, Dragon Ball Z is one of the most popular Japanese animations with a big fan base from all around the world. The master project worked upon by Toei Animation is the continuation of the Dragon Ball series which featured the origin and the early life events of Goku serving as the primary protagonist in the anime.

The highly acclaimed anime series is the most rated one with millions of fans scattered all over the world. The popularity of the anime series has exceeded so much that over a hundred videogames, a dozen movies and a number of television specials have been influenced by Dragon Ball franchise. Most of these projects featured Goku busy fighting the ugly creatures invading planet Earth.

While the anime series covers a range of characters, the primary one is Goku who leads the way, heads his team and stands up all the way to defend those around him. The pro-humanitarian figure is shown to be the mega-powerful creature with uncountable abilities and exceptional qualities to confront the incoming threats. In short, keeping all the aspects in mind, the series is a must-watch to kill boredom and get extra time to have limitless fun on the screen.

Goku and His Victory-Filled Life

Inspired by Sun Wukong, the Chinese version of Superman sharing the same story as the Western superhero character sketched by DC Comics, Goku is the name of an incredible force, the resistance and a warrior who considers it his utmost duty to protect the world from the invisible threats and the anti-humanitarian creatures attacking the planet again and again.

Made the very first appearance in Dragon Ball chapter #1 Bulma and Son Goku, the long-haired character initially attracted a big audience with every anime reader rushing to the book outlet when the first chapter was published in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine in June 1984. Goku’s debut was very well received by the anime lovers who saw him as a great replacement to the utterly pathetic and weak superheroes.

Raised on Earth, Goku is basically an alienated-creature which means his origin can be traced back to the Saiyans, a non-Earth warrior race gifted with immense powers and superhuman abilities to bring the opponents down. This astonishing fact reveals the character shares a lot of features common in nature with the ones shared by Saiyans.

But whatever his origins are, he has stood up against the beast and ugly figures to save the planet Earth quite a number of times that too singlehandedly. Named as Kakarot, the major character’s first and foremost mission was to destroy planet Earth while he was assigned a task by the extraterrestrial race of Saiyans.

Although this couldn’t turn into a reality, the only reason Goku was unable to succeed was the event that caused his head a fatal injury leading to the deletion of his memory. Thus, the infant warrior stepped up on a track which allowed him to differentiate between the good and bad and enabled him to free himself from the prison of the immoral perceptions that corrupted his soul and made him act like a war-monger.

Winning several tournaments and defeating numerous opponents, Goku has clearly claimed to be the strongest survivor and the best of all using fewer resources available as compared to the rest. Making everybody fall in love with his outfit after rocking the Goku Orange Bomber Leather Jacket in Z series, the fierce warrior has had the privilege to dictate new trends.

Fighting off enemies like Piccolo, Broly, and Frieza, the much younger and deadlier fighter has ensured the anime lovers that nobody can come even close to his invincible personality which is superior to most of the villains combined. Giving a tough time to a number of forces, Goku has won several championships, martial arts tournaments, knockout rounds, and the list goes on.

While it is hard to trace the medals won by the muscular hero, it is also very unlikely to believe that he could be defeated by any superior force using any means. Of course, the guy is powerful enough to defeat the enemies backed up by no power.

Clearly, the words Dragon Ball Z Goku are enough to make an anime lovers invade his bedroom and glue himself to the television screen for non-stop entertainment. Something that signifies the complete character would be the right choice of the die-hard fans. Despite the typical jacket, Goku Hand Painted Mens Orange Fur Jacket is a far better option to satisfy the nostalgia of the character as it contains the whole story illustrated at the front lapel collars.


Every character’s signature style costume is responsible for setting his/her average or above-average image which is one of the major reasons the designers sketching their wardrobes are quite careful in adding or removing a certain feature of the fictional anime characters.
These costumes are often the reason the fans find themselves deeply attached to the existence of the anime characters often leading them to flood their clothing collection with the accessories popularized by them.

Even though there are perhaps dozens of remarkably designed costumes associated with Goku, only the notable ones could be defined in a detailed manner.

Super Saiyan 4

Given to Goku after a transformed version, Super Saiyan 4 costume featured blue sash mixed with mustard pants and a slim-fit red outer layer showcasing the front part of his body mainly the area around the chest and the belly. Despite this has not been considered an official costume, fans have endorsed the Japanese anime character for opting for a totally new choice while challenging the traditional wear associated with him for years and perhaps decades.

Saiyan Armor

The much bigger, better and transformed version of Goku during the Cell Saga reveals the character has been bestowed with a heavy armor featuring a metalloid structure covering his chest and an inner blue layer perfectly fitting his body with no space available for bagginess.

Turtle School Uniform

This costume of the most popular figure in the world of anime is, more or less, linked to his look overall signature look which has been featured in more than several official posters. The costume is comprised of an orange upper layer with no sleeves supported by the blue sash and an inner blue tee-shirt.

Dragon Ball Z’s main protagonist has a very long history of entertaining the anime fans in an uninterrupted manner. Appearing in series after series, Goku’s notable appearance in every other show has made him the symbol of Japanese anime which nobody could disagree with!

The years of transformation and decades of service, Goku has finally been able to turn himself into the brightest icon of the Japanese anime industry who, perhaps, could not be replaced with any other weaker or inferior superhero.

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