Black Friday 2020: How Will it Be Different Than Before?

Black Friday 2020: How Will it Be Different Than Before?

Things have been changed a lot after the disastrous hit of the recent pandemic. Where silence is ruling the sports grounds, retail stores are also going through many amendments in their rules and policies. In all these things, Black Friday and the amazing Black Friday Jacket Deals have also got affected as many companies have started their sales days earlier than the actual day to avoid the rush. Well, people have a history of going wild at the stores! 

Many deals have also shifted towards online for the people who feel hesitant to go to the stores. Just a thought of it is enough to get a low-key panic attack, to be honest. Since there would be many precautionary measures and capacity controlling protocols, let's see how some major retail stores will cope up this year.

Home Depot:

The staff of Home Depot, in their own words, have tried to 'reintroduce' the concept of Black Friday this year. To reduce the traffic of people, they are planning to come up with deals and discounts by both means, physically and online, from the 6th of November till the 2nd of December. 

The strategy is the best according to the global situation and for the consumers as well. If someone is looking forward to buying in a bulk amount, they will have a lot of time getting things at the best deals. HD has also provided an advance benefit to their application users, and that too from October.


The biggest retail in America is proving itself as the one. They have come up with a strategy which will distribute the Black Friday discounts in 3 weekends. With the title 'Black Friday Deals for Days,' the deals will start online from every Wednesday that comes in all four weeks of November. Like all other retailers, Walmart is also convincing people to shop online and prevent the confusion and crowd that welcome them every year. 

Black Friday 2020: How Will it Be Different Than Before?

Even if you are willing to go to their stores, you will be given the carts and trollies all sanitized. The rules will be to make a single line at the entry gate and wear masks at all costs. Social distancing will also be followed, and there will be 'Health Ambassadors' waiting for you at different spots to remind you. All these rules are mandatory to follow, not just at the entrance but also in the store.


The deals by Target will unlock from the 1st of November and will remain like this for the whole month. They have titled their discounts as 'Black Friday Now,' which will be available in stores and online. The team will give you offers for every day of the entire week. They will also look at their price-match rule 14 days later to the buying date to two months.

As for safety measures this year, TGT is making everything possible to make less contact at the payment spot and also in their app. They are reducing the number of customers in one line by asking the employees to speed up the payment process and give the people an option to make reservations.

Best Buy:

Best Buy has already started Black Friday as not just limited to a single day but months-long practice. That proved to be true as the deals on Best Buy began to be available in October. They got increased from the start of November online as well as in-stores. Further discounts will also be available on their website from the 5th of November on selective days. 

To avoid maximum crowd, they will also open their stores from 5 am on Black Friday, and masks will be mandatory. Capacity controls will also be taken into consideration, and to assist the customers and confused people, there will also be a Customer Experience person. The delivery will also be made contactless and on the same-day as well!


The most amazing Black Friday Jackets deals come live only at Macy's! This year, they are planning to start them from the 4th of November along with other discounts. The in-store sales will be available on the actual Black Friday day; before that, you could shop online. The edge you will receive in stores will be the extra employees geared up in safe clothes. The capacity will also be controlled, but if you are thinking of going online, Macy's also offers you delivery on the same day and curbside pickup. All through DoorDash! 

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