The Top Gun's Movie Future is going to be Thrilling!

The Top Gun's Movie Future is going to be Thrilling!

Tom Cruise has become a sensation and one of the biggest movie stars after his sliding bottomless scene in the movie "Risky Business" in 1983. That makes him a 37 years old Hollywood royal actor. In his journey of 37 years, Tom has delivered some of the major movies with the most memorable roles. The most astonishing film of his career is Top Gun, in which he has appeared as the dapper fighter pilot — not just he played that role intensely but also made it one of the best ones in his movie career. Even Maverick Jacket became the new trend after the release of this movie.

Tom Cruise is one of those actors who bring more to the table than just being an actor. Even after his association of 37 years to Hollywood, Tom hasn't aged a day. The coming year will be his year as his two major movies are going to release — Top Gun: Maverick and Mission: Impossible 7. Top Gun: Maverick is the movie that is going to be the best sequel of that time. Top Gun: Maverick will take on the story from where it was left in Top Gun. Making this movie more impactful is the fact that Tom Cruise pulls on his stunts by himself. 

The trailer of Top Gun: Maverick came with so many nostalgic memories attached to it. The first movie was released in 1986, and now after the crucial wait of 34 years, everyone is eager to watch Tom sitting on that pilot seat again. This time the tables are going to turn thirty years ago, the young rebellious teenage student of Navy training center Maverick is now going to teach there. This movie is forecasted to be a great addition to Tom Cruise's films and is predicted to be best for Top Gun's future. Tom Cruise is clearly in action in the trailer; he came in his official and iconic style by riding a bike and rocked the floor.

The Top Gun's Movie Future is going to be Thrilling!

After thirty-four years, cinema has changed a lot, and new techniques have emerged to make any action movie full of action and class. The best chances are that we all will watch a lot of action with keen details added. Though this movie has already been delayed twice, now that the wait of a few months seems like decades, the release of this movie makes the upcoming time for the Top Gun franchise very thrilling. If all the cards have been played in the right way, this movie will be great for Paramount Pictures.

Extracted from the trailer, this movie will be more than just a fighter pilot movie; it has controversies aligning in it. This movie has the revival of a 30 years old rivalry between Maverick and his fellow pilot. One of his fellow pilot's son, named Rooster, is holding a grudge against Maverick because of some accident his father had with the Maverick thirty years ago. It was quite a big plot change in this movie; who knows how many twists and turning points are there to come. The excitement for this movie is getting higher with each passing day.

People were surprised to see this movie turning into a franchise after so many years; Tom has already been successfully leading the franchise of Mission; Impossible. Hence, the idea of turning this movie into a franchise opens many doors of success for the film, as a whole bunch of new pilots is being launched to Top Gun, so hopefully, we are going to see more than this one movie sequel. Maverick is also not a just pilot; his promotion of being the instructor might lead this movie towards new protagonists for upcoming films.

No one knows for sure how many new characters are going to be there, or whether Tom Cruise is still fighting with Val or not, but the sure thing about this movie is that we will see Tom Cruise back to the action, and it'll give us all the jaw-dropping moments. Now it's officially time to take out your Top Gun Leather Jackets and flaunt it to add more charisma to your personality. 

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