This Halloween Stay Under The Spell Of Anime!

This Halloween Stay Under The Spell Of Anime!

Every year the air feels electric right when the summers end. Ever wondered why? The enthusiasm for the holiday season and fall and winter is too much to contain. Pumpkin patches post pamphlets for carvings, jack-o-lanterns appear on sidewalks, and kids are going to the mall every other day searching for a costume, which is a basic pre-Halloween routine. No one is more excited than a kid who has decided to be his favorite superhero on Halloween. 

Exciting deals for Halloween Themed Jackets are already making their way on social media. Have you decided yet? If you are stalling because it's still too early to put the finger on one option, then here is the bad news – its 2020, and petty DIYs will never cut it for you. Of course, when you have no other option or stocked up on all the required items, you can try your DIY. But a last-minute mesh of clothes is probably going to be a disaster – a bad one. 

Once cartoons existed for kids and then anime and manga series became mainstream. Akira, the classic animated film, was originally an adaptation of thousands of pages of manga series. Why is Akira important? It is the most widely watched Japanese cinema's animated film. The first of its kind, it paved the way for sci-fi and anime!

The Akira Capsule Jacket is one of the signature merch from the film that has been in high demand for three decades and till now. The jacket became a staple for cosplayers soon after Shotaro Kaneda's brilliant appearance. Many fictional movies are based on child mutation and apocalypse, but the one that started it all will always remain special. 

If you are looking to stun the audiences or the crowd around you, get this without second-guessing it. Fans from all age groups are head over heels for the brave young kid who fought hard against the norms. Even though Kaneda lost his best friend Tetsuo Shima, his spirit to help others never went away.  

For colder days, the Akira Leather Jacket with Fur is a more suitable option. The exquisite fur ensures warmth and comfort. If your cosplay makes you stand uptight throughout the event, it is not worth it. To enjoy an event, you have to move around. Mobility becomes highly difficult if all it takes is a single jump for your cosplay to collapse. 

Anime has influenced the trends of recent years more than any other medium. Another big name from the anime and manga world, Goku, is a star among kids and adults. With his signature spiky black hairstyle, dark-hued eyes, and orange cosplay, he stands out pretty easily. The collection of Goku Origin Jackets is a bold and enigmatic one. Whatever he wears, he makes sure other turn around to take a second look! 

If you are planning on doing a Goku inspired cosplay, pay attention to the quirky hairstyle. The most distinguishing feature in his personality after his attire is his hair. His famous three front bangs hang onto the right side of his forehead with two others on the left side. The bangs are what give him the unique silhouette that makes him recognizable anywhere! 

The complete look with the iconic Goku Bomber Jacket will make you the favorite cosplayer of the event. There are far too many fans of Goku to let your cosplay go unnoticed. This comes under one of the perks of mainstream characters; wherever you go, you will find someone equally obsessed with the character. 

Cosplays have proceeded to mix with the regular fashion apparels too now. The fashion fusion of smart casual and Goku's jacket will result in something eye-catching and mesmerizing. The time for shying away from showing your love for anime is gone. Nowadays, if you do not watch anime, people pity you for missing out on such great content. There is still time for you to decide your costume but remember, the more comfortable it is, and the more fun you will have. 

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