Best from Sci-Fi Action: Akira from The 80s

Best from Sci-Fi Action: Akira from The 80s

Anime history is primarily based on the classic film, Akira. The film was released back in the late 80s and has influenced more things you can count on your fingers. Katsuhiro Otomo, the movie director, did a splendid job in his manga series' adaptation. The film is very close to every anime fan. Akira was how the rest of the world was introduced to the magic of hand-drawn animations. Before it was released, Japan was the only country that enjoyed these animations. 

The famous cosplay attire, Red Capsule Akira Kaneda Jacket is a significant outfit the protagonist of the film, Shotaro Kaneda, always wears. Fans were truly swept off their feet when the movie came out. From the vibrant surroundings that were too real to be animated, the Neo-Tokyo took everyone's breaths. Otomo delivered a masterpiece in the form of Akira!

Shotaro made sure everyone saw how different he was from the existing characters. The manga series was more elaborate, comprising thousands of pages, but the movie had to sum up a huge plot into a two-hour thrilling drive. This caused many tantrums from the diehard fans of the manga, but even the movie satisfied their demands. 

On multiple occasions, Kaneda stands up for people who have no one else. He is often reckless, which lands him in front of the trouble (in his Akira Capsule Jacketof course!). He has his fair share of questionable qualities making him more human. While superheroes of this generation are too good to be real, Kaneda had imperfections also. His empathetic side almost always won, making him good in his gang members' eyes and closed ones. 

Without thinking twice, this young lad jumped in the eyes of danger to save his best friend. Tetsuo Shima. When you compare the themes of the movie with the current times, you often find many similarities. Movies like The Matrix, Looper, and the Chronicle are all big names of the entertainment industry. All these films can share similar themes, derived from none other than the classic, Akira!

This is the reason the Akira Red Jacket is so often seen in any cosplay convention. It has been influencing, changing, and evolving the game within the entertainment industry long after its release. There is no doubt that this jacket and character's legacy is never going to see any dark phase. The boy, Kaneda, is practically a legend among anime lovers. The government's experimentation with kids also became a popular theme among other science fiction thrillers. This new genre paved the way for most of the exciting thrillers we are currently labeling as masterpieces. 

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