What would it be like to be an Anime forever?

What would it be like to be an Anime forever?

The animated characters through computers and the hand-drawn persons are called anime. They are also known as Japanimation as they have started in Japan. The emergence of the anime industry has attached it to Japan. 

Anime didn't get such fame after discovering, but the release of some very famous anime made anime visible in the world's eye. People finally started giving the deserved importance to anime. That's from where the fever of cosplay has risen.

It is a paradoxical statement that whether or not the anime industry is dying. Though for sure, anime still has a place in people's hearts without any argument. As from the past decades, there are no abrupt variations in people's favorite anime. 

There are few anime in people's favorite list, and unfortunately, their level is so high that no other anime can take the place of them till today. Akira is one of such anime. This anime has set the bars so high that no one can reach them, not even this anime's sequel.

Have you ever thought about how your life will be if you'll be converted into an anime? Despite their personification, you'll become just like them. Well, the first benefit of this will be that you can wear anime clothing at any time. 

Unlike Halloween Jacket Outfits, which you have to change after the parties. Anime dresses can be a part of your life. So cool? Right? Let's take a look at the nearest anime, which everyone loves without any feud — Akira.

This anime had blown every mind when it appeared on-screens. The movie was released in 1988, and at that time, anime was not trending. However, Akira was a very powerful anime, and it ended up taking the very credit it deserved.

Akira portrayed the devastating condition of Tokyo at that time. It started by showing a state that has recovered after a very big disaster, caused by a psychokinetic boy known as Akira. After hitting on screens, Akira had started winning every freaking award.

Not just the story (which was taken from Manga), but the show's graphics and costumes were also up to the bar. They had excelled with the Brutalist aesthetic fashion sense of that era. The cherry-red Akira Capsule Jacket nailed the fashionista's expectations in that era.

A whole new wave of these jackets had come to light. Though usually, anime costumes were the main wear of cosplays. But the craze of Akira made it nearly impossible to discern between a cosplay or Halloween party with Halloween Costumes with Jackets inspired by Akira.

Well, Akira had some powers to destroy the state with his mind. He was buried somewhere in Tokyo until another boy — Tetsuo, possessed the same qualities and became a threat to the state. While escaping the government and his friends, that boy awakens the Akira.

After that, a whole new series of destruction began. The psychokinetic powers of Akira have given him so many powerful capabilities. Have you ever wondered what you'll do if you have Akira's abilities to cause destruction and move things with your mind, instead of wearing a Red Capsule Akira Kaneda Jacket?

Well, destroying the place you live is never the answer. However, you can pull pranks on your friends with such activities and have fun while watching them freaking out. You can move their things from one place to another while sitting in front of them.

This will agitate them so badly. Well, they all are just wishes which can't be true ever. But you can always wear Akira jackets in different events. Or you can make it customized like Akira Leather Jacket with Fur to make it more acceptable in cruel winter nights.

The thing that makes these jackets so alluring are — their material and color. The shiny patched capsule on the back is just cherry on the top. Before Akira, no one could've even thought that just a piece of clothing can be so badass.

The capsule on the back makes it a total of the thug wear. This jacket represented a biker gang under the name "Capsule." The ultimate edition of this jacket into your Halloween Jacket Outfits will change your wardrobe game.

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